Dip Your Toes Bundle

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Dip Your Toes Bundle!

This bundle is just right to nurture the inquisitive in us all.  A little bit of everything! (10lbs total!)

·      1lb bacon
·      1.5- 2lbs pork chops
·      2-4lbs ground pork Sausage
·      1-1.5 lbs Link Sausage (Bratwurst style)
·      3-4lb roast

Spice options are available upon request if ordered in advanced, otherwise they will be limited to what is available on hand.

Flavor options for Sausage

Loose: Plain, Breakfast, Hot Breakfast, Chorizo, Sweet Italian & Hot Italian

Links: Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, German Bratwurst

Mini links: Breakfast, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian

All weights are approximate. This means you may have a pound or two more or less than what is listed along with the possibility of an extra sausage
flavor or different cut than what is listed. Our pigs are dynamic
beings and so we do our best to stick to the weights listed, but leave
room for the diversity each pig brings to the table totaling 10lbs