Along the rolling hills of Albemarle County, we rotate our pigs on pasture in spring and summer and through forest in autumn and winter. Here they have access to a diverse array of nutritious forage including grasses, forbs, acorns, tree nuts, roots, shoots, wild fruits, insects and mushrooms. We supplement their diet with locally grown non-gmo grain.

The nature of a pig is one of curiosity, as it seeks out tasty omnivorous treats much like us. This combined with its stature, makes for a creature able to bring great change in the landscape flying by the seat of its nose. While we appreciate this attribute, if left unattended it can lead to an unsightly and unsound ecosystem. Placing an emphasis on stewarding to maintain and improve soil depth and health, we rotate our pigs frequently based on ground-cover and soil disturbance factors.


In contrast to conventional practices which leave soil barren and prone to erosion, we rotate our pigs 1-2 times per week, with the goal of keeping a substantial portion of vegetation intact after they have moved through. This combined with long rest periods for each paddock in between grazing creates a harmonious disturbance which ushers in biodiversity and richer soils. 

We buy weaned piglets from local producers and are not attached to any single breed. Our breeders select for traits that do well on our pastured system, which results in crosses of heritage breeds and sometimes pure breeds. We continue to find that management is the most important factor in providing you with the highest quality of flavorful and nutritious pork. We invite you to taste our difference!