Wandering River Buying Clubs!

Wandering River Farm is a regenerative agriculture farm focused on building soil, raising healthy animals and providing our customers with nourishing products. We primarily sell our products at the Saturday Charlottesville City Market, and while this outlet provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with our customers, it isn't always the most easily accessed option for a lot of folks. Our buying club allows us to bring regeneratively raised meats to a larger part of the community, with much greater convenience for all involved!

How it works:

Using the buying club option is easy! On the Shop Now page, simply choose your drop-off location by clicking on the black banner. You can then place your order for our bi-weekly dropoff.  Once your order is packed, we will send an updated invoice and bring your order to the selected drop-off location on the scheduled date! We can accept payments online or in person at the drop-off.

You can find what products we have on our Shop Now page and refine your search by clicking on the type of product (i.e. pastured pork) to see what cuts, flavors or cures are available!

Some weeks certain cuts or sausage flavors may not be available, but in general we try to keep our shop well stocked.

Our current Buying Clubs:

- Rugby Hills Buying Club (Cville)

- Broad Axe Buying Club (Ivy)

Click HERE to get started!

Want to host a Buying Club Drop-Off? Hosts get a discount on our products and first dibs on high- demand cuts! (Think Bacon at the snap of your fingers...) They' re also a great way to meet your neighbors and build community. If you are interested in hosting a Drop-Off, or have any other questions, please contact us at: 


Thank you!