Cow group shot by DJ Doherty of HERD Ventures

So you like grass-fed beef, but how well do you know cows?

Beyond weighing over a thousand pounds, munching on grass, and digesting it through the four compartments of their stomach, these majestic grazers help us maintain a bountiful grassland.

They’re also quite agreeable to keep around. They don’t ask for much, but are keen to let us know when it’s time for a fresh paddock to chew on. Except for when the grass gets too low and they go out looking for more outside the fence line...but that's another story.

In addition to pasture, we provide them with water, hay in the winter, and a mineral mix to keep them in tip top shape. That’s it. 

You can rest assured our pastures are free from all chemical sprays, herbicides, pesticides, or other nasties you wouldn’t want polluting your food or watershed. The cows prefer their green as clean as it gets.

Gabe putting up electric fencing by DJ Doherty of HERD Ventures

Using lightweight, portable electric fencing, we move our herd of cattle onto a fresh chunk of pasture every day for most of the year. 

They love the adventure. They get to splash through the river, use their muscles running up and downhill, and regularly eat away at a plentiful plate of grass. Their manure fertilizes the soil and encourages a wide array of plants to grow, which invites more insects and wildlife to the party. This makes our cows naturally excellent ecosystem tenders.  

You get a slice of this goodness too. With beef that is tender, supple, and marbled full of the clean green pasture these cows spent years filling up on. We wouldn't want it any other way, and neither should you.