Our cattle is rotationally grazed and grass finished for soil health, animal health, your health and flavorful enjoyment! 

As long as our cows are with us, we provide them with pasture, water, sea salt/mineral mix and hay in the winter. That's it! Our pastures are free of all chemical sprays. 

We purchase young cattle from other farms to raise out and finish on grass. Although we cannot  guarantee what they were fed before we acquired them, we can guarantee that for as long as they're on our farm they'll have eaten nothing but pasture, hay and salt/minerals. We do put significant effort in to source calves from farms exclusively fed grass and hay, but we cannot guarantee that an animal wasn't fed grain early on in its life. That being said, we believe in transparency, and we encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about our management practices.


Using lightweight portable electric fencing and the framework of holistic management, we are able to move our herd of cattle onto a fresh chunk of pasture every day for a majority of the year. Did you know that out of pigs, sheep, chickens, and other livestock, cattle are the easiest to contain and move through a pasture with electric fencing? All it takes is one wire!

This technology allows us incredible versatility with which to manage our grasslands in a regenerative way. Mimicking the wild ways of migratory buffalo and tribal management of large herbivores across the globe, this process sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and returns it back to the soil. Here life is sustained for billions of microorganisms that filter water and feed plants which grow back to feed more cattle--and us!


With this degree of determination in our stewardship, we utilize a variety of options to ensure our cows are eating well and gaining good weight to produce high quality, delicious grass-finished beef for you to enjoy. Determining what our cows eat and when also means we can serve them up pasture on the regular, while keeping the grass close to its optimal level of growth. In contrast to practices where cows are set stocked in a single field, resulting in meat that tastes "tough", our ways encourage a tender suppleness. Let your taste be the testament!