Located in Ivy, VA

We raise Pastured and Forest-grown Pigs, Rotationally Grazed Grass-Finished Cattle, and log-grown mushrooms with an emphasis on land and community regeneration.

We believe that our food is our medicine and the soil under our feet is the birthplace of all nourishment for us and beyond. We strive to bring our customers food that will bring health and build soil for future generations of life.

Our products can be found at the Charlottesville City Market Saturdays 7am-noon as well as through our unique buying club drop-off locations! 

We are a community-based farm, and we work with so many talented and wonderful people everyday! We give our thanks for partnerships with:

Bunker Farms - Karel at Bunker Farms is our #1 partner in soil regeneration mischief! errr... wait.. no, this is serious.... wait, no.. Well, it's hard to tell with sheep! The partnership between Bunker Farms and Wandering River is nothing short of woolly, and we like it that way! We are working together to bring you fresh lamb, and someday maybe, an encyclopedia on how to fix anything with sandpaper and duct tape....

Clover Top Creamery - Hillary at Clover Top makes delicious, fresh chèvre from her pasture-raised goats, and occasionally when there is a surplus or blip in her goat milk supply or cheese production, our pigs save the day by preventing that high- end nutrition from going to waste in the compost! We like to think it gives our pork an added creamy flavor....

Sam Gray- She created our wonderful logo! She is a delight to work with, intuitive and down-right talented. Not only does she do graphic design, but she is a deeply creative visual artist. You can often see her work in shows around town, or on one of our City buses!