Located in Ivy, VA

We raise Pastured and Forest-grown Pigs, Rotationally-grazed Grass-Finished Cattle and Log-grown mushrooms with an emphasis on land and community regeneration.

We believe that our food is our medicine and the soil under our feet is the birthplace of all nourishment for us and beyond. We strive to bring our customers food that will bring health and build soil for future generations of life.

Our products can be found at the Charlottesville City Market Saturdays 7am-noon as well as through our unique buying club dropoff locations. You can order online here for one of our buying club dropoff/pickup locations which now include the Charlottesville City Market!

Please visit our website to learn more about what we do and why we do it! 


Our wonderful logo was created by Sam Gray. She is a delight to work with; intuitive and down-right talented. Check out her work here!!